Public Support

Since we initiated our law suit last week against Bloomfield Township, we have received several comments from individuals in the community who sincerely appreciate our efforts to prevent local municipalities from taking away your medical marijuana rights.

These are some of those comments:

“First of all I want to say thank-you to both Neil Rockind and Thomas Loeb for doing this. Both of you have my heartfelt thanks. May God Bless you BOTH! An Oakland Press Reader.”

“Thank God we have organizations such as the ACLU and good people such as Thomas Loeb and Neil Rockind sticking up for our rights and not letting ignorant small time politicians chip away at our freedom and disrespect the will of the people. I am not content living in a police state.”

“Thank you Thomas Loeb and Neil Rockind and the immediate plaintiffs, for standing against injustice. Local municipalities may NOT create conditions more restrictive or prohibitive than what the State law allows. People are allowed a broad set of rights and protections for the use of medical cannabis. It is absurd to say or think that there is any rhyme or reason or real ability to enforce such ridiculous ordinances. Anyone who does not appreciate their rights being trampled on by ignorant small time politicians ought to be enraged by this attempt to trample on the will of the people…Again, thank you Thomas Loeb, Neil Rockind, the courageous plaintiffs and all who stand against such tyrrany and work to protect our rights.”

From all of us at NRPC, you are all very welcome and we will continue to fight for your rights with all of the tools that we have at our disposal.

Colin A. Daniels


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