OT (Off Topic): Congratulations, Mrs. Daniels

This is an off-top (OT) post totally unrelated to the practice of law.  It is however directly related to the work we do at Neil Rockind, P.C.  I pride myself on having created a family; close-knit working atmosphere.  We care about what happens to each other.  If you don’t care about the people in your lives and the people in their lives, how can you care about and for others who turn to you in their times of need.  Our structure resembles not a hierarchy or a boardroom with one of us at the head table, but more like a circle.

For three (3) months one of our own, Colin Daniels, Esq., the associate attorney primarily responsible for maintaining this blog, has worried about his wife, Carlie Daniels, who was finishing her classwork in Chicago, Ill.  They have separated for three (3) months, give or take a few weekends.  We are proud to say that she passed her graduate course work and will be returning home this weekend.

Congratulations, Mrs. Daniels . . . we are proud of you.


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