Getting Noticed, Medicine and Keith Richards

Today, I received an unexpected but quite welcome gift from a co-worker.  I was given a copy of the “The Little Green Book”.  The gift was welcome on more levels than my coworker could possibly know.   Our firm has been on the frontlines of the Medical Marijuana Wars in Michigan, a war that we intend to win.  The book, a compilation of stories, quotes and pictures revealed that the coworker recognized and was aware of our work and our focus on this area.  It is always nice to noticed and recognized.  As a kid, I remember the empty and scary feeling of other kids not knowing much about me.  My humility, a characteristic that my peers claim I lack, was evident.  Not only did she think to give me a holiday gift but she gave me something that revealed that she is aware of what we are working on.  It felt like being noticed. 

In that vain, I continue to be on the forefront of the “Weed Wars”.   Michigan’s citizens passed a medical marijuana act.  A compassionate use act.  A medical use act.  An act that focuses on the best of our qualities:  freedom, tolerance and compassion.  The fight against the police who resist enforcing this law continues. 

As Keith Richards said,

I’ve never had a problem with drugs.  I’ve only had a problem with the police.

Neil Rockind, P.C., is a criminal defense trial law firm.  We handle all varieities of criminal cases and the defense of individuals accused of violating the Michigan Michigan Medical Marijuana laws.  If you have further questions, please feel free to look to call our office at 248.208.3800 and visit


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