Neil Rockind gets DISMISSAL in a Medical Marijuana Case in Bloomfield Hills!

Nearly a year ago our client was charged by the Township of Bloomfield with Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana in violation of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act. This, despite the fact that the police had first approached the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office about prosecuting our client for various felonies and the Prosecutor’s Office had declined.

So the police did the only thing they could: Approached the City Attorney and asked for a misdemeanor charge. Our client came to us battered down and in complete disbelief. He was a patient himself, a caregiver for 3 others and 100% believed that he was in compliance with the law. In fact, he was 100% in compliance with the law. It simply took a year to prove it. Last week, after many months of fighting with Judges and Prosecutors for his right to use medical marijuana and his right to distribute medical marijuana to his patients, the prosecutor dismissed the case. Even though our client was precluded from medicating while out on bond, today he is able to use his medication freely. And we are proud to have been the firm to accomplish that.

This is a copy of the Dismissal Order:

Colin A. Daniels


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