Neil Rockind Defends Medical Marijuana Clinic in Waterford

Neil Rockind and Neil Rockind, P.C., leading the defense of a medical marijuana clinic and compassion club/cafe in Waterford, Michigan. Court Hearings have been underway all day yesterday, Friday, November 18, 2010 in the case involving Everybody’s Cafe and Herbal Remedies, a dispensary/clinic in Waterford. The stories made the news when the facilities were raided by Oakland County authorities.

During this hearing, Rockind and other defense counsel, “pummeled” a prosecution “turncoat” witness who is now testifying for the prosecution. The witness faced the most charges. The witness faced the most jail/prison time. But now he has his eyes and heart set on on getting out of going to the penitentiary by testifying against his “friends” and “colleagues.” Rockind’s cross examination revealed the “double life” that this witness lived.

On a lighter note, Rockind got the witness to talk about the “alligators guarding his marijuana plants” that caused the Oakland County Sheriff to refer to Oakland County as a Cheech and Chong Movie. The gator does not “guard” the marijuana plants. In fact, its in a separate room altogether. And probably a good thing given the gator is 18 inches tall (a gimme putt for you golfers), is nicknamed “Chubbs” and has tiny baby teeth. Rockind got the witness to concede that he too laughed after he was arrested and heard Law Enforcement refer to the pet, baby, gator referred to as a gator guarding the plants.


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