Medical Marijuana Supporters Stage Rally in Ferndale

FERNDALE, Mich. – Medical marijuana supporters staged their latest rally outside the Kulick Community Center in Ferndale. They rode in on a bus and set up shop to talk weed in the parking lot.

Inside, a hearing was held for nine people busted during a raid on Clinical Relief, Ferndale’s only medical marijuana dispensary.

Another clinic owned by Candace Teichman was the focus of a similar raid in Waterford.

“I believe the outcome will be good in all of our favors, including Ferndale, including Waterford. We followed the state law. I don’t know what more to say,” she told FOX 2.

Across the country, pot proposals were not popular with voters. California rejected a bid to legalize marijuana.

In Oregon, South Dakota and Arizona, medical marijuana proposals went down in flames.

“It’s just an unfortunate consequence of a tide of conservative voting at this point,” said medical marijuana supporter Robert Thompson.

These demonstrators believe other states will eventually do what Michigan did and legalize pot for medicinal purposes. They also hope the people charged in the raids will be cleared.

“There are people… that really did nothing except for act as secretaries or were patients in the lobby. These people are not guilty of conspiracy, and I’d like to see those minor charges dropped,” Thompson said.

Those medical marijuana supporters also said they hope the outcome of the case in Ferndale will clear up the confusion over Michigan’s law. The hearing resumes on Friday.

via My Fox Detroit


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