Day of Hearings for 9 Defendants in Medical Marijuana Case

FERNDALE, MI (MICHIGAN RADIO) – An undercover narcotics officer described during a court case Wednesday how easy it is to buy medical marijuana in Oakland County.

The case is likely to shape the future of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act.

The undercover detective testified she used a fake patient card to buy medical marijuana at a Ferndale pot dispensary.

That store was later raided by Oakland County sheriff’s deputies. Its owners and some employees are now on trial for various drug-related charges.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard says the raid was part of a larger effort to show marijuana dispensaries are illegal and dangerous.

Ferndale Mayor Craig Covey disagrees. “Using so much going after medical marijuana issues is just a huge waste of time, resources and taxpayer dollars,” Covey says.

Police, patients and caregivers are struggling with how to interpret the medical marijuana law.

A Michigan Appeals Court Judge said last month the law has become “a nightmare,” and urged state legislators to clarify it.

via Michigan NPR


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