Take it from a Judge…

At the Kirsten Neilson-Hartig fundraiser tonight in Royal Oak, I ran into Honorable Gerald McNally, a retired judge from Clarkston, Michigan. What he said, still has me smiling.  As I walked up, he said, “you look familiar . . .”  I said, “Neil Rockind”.  He broke out in a huge grin and slapped his knee, smiling and said, “The Rockweiler!!”  He then turned to the guys at his table and exclaimed, “IF YOU REALLY WANT TO ROUGH SOMEBODY UP OR SCREW WITH THEM, THAT’S THE GUY FOR YOU!” I smiled and then he, a retired judge and one of the nicest men around said something that I’ll never forget, “Do you have a card? I’d like to have one of your cards.”

That is what we are about. This is how we define ourselves.  This is the essence of NRPC.  Criminal Defense WARRIORS.

Neil Rockind



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