Karma – Pro-Bono Work for a Victim of Abuse

A young woman sat in my lobby recently.  She was there to see me about a couple of criminal cases that she had pending against her.  They were traffic-misdemeanor cases.  Two (2) hours later, after meeting this shy, quiet woman, and after she left our office, I spent some time thinking about my career, my family, my life and by comparison, hers.  I have been blessed with freedom, a career, the love and attention of a good woman (my wife), three rambunctious and healthy children and incredible co-workers, just to name a few of the many things that I give thanks for on a daily basis.  There are more.  Of course…but at the tail end of those thoughts was my client.  Tears dropped from my eyes as I thought about her life.  I felt guilty that she felt alone.  I did my best to let her know that there are people who care about her.  She revealed to me during a two (2) hour meeting that she was an sexual abuse victim.  Worse, she cannot complain.  She cannot object.  She cannot even confide in her loved ones about it.  She must remain near or close to her abuser.  She lives in a prison without walls — what walls her in are feelings of fear, shame and worry.  I told her to not worry about the fees.  She would not have to pay them.  I was taking on her case just because I wanted to help her.  I am.  We are.

Karma.  I feel good offering our help.  I feel good offering it without a fee.  I wanted her to feel someone else’s goodness.  I am sharing this story because I will be embarking on this journey with her.  My staff and I are moved by it.  We will fight hard for her.  However, I wanted our friends to know what else we are doing–what else we are working on.  Say a prayer for this woman.  She deserves it.

Neil Rockind


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