More information on last night’s medical marijuana raid…

Cops raid Ferndale medical pot shop

Co-owner says items were also seized from his home

A Ferndale business that opened in June to sell marijuana for medical use was raided Wednesday evening by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Enforcement Team, though authorities wouldn’t say why.

Three people in the clinic were arrested including two men and one woman, said Ryan Richmond, co-owner of Clinical Relief in Ferndale. The store is is located at 362 Hilton.

Marijuana, patients’ documents, computers, files and security cameras were taken from the business, he said.

“We can’t get a reason why,” he said.

Richmond said his home was also raided around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. He said a laptop, hunting rifles in the basement and patient files were taken.

His other Clinical Relief business in Lansing was not raided, he said.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t released much information this morning. Maj. Bob Smith said they executed arrests and search warrants in a major narcotics investigation and will release more information today at 3:30 p.m. during a news conference with the Oakland County Prosecutor.

The raid came two days after the Ferndale City Council voted to end the city’s three-month moratorium on such businesses and allow them to open in three districts.

All are commercial areas and none is near the downtown, City Manager Bob Bruner said Wednesday. Mayor Pro Tem Kate Baker said she expected the city “to broaden the areas somewhat” in the next few months.

Clinical Relief is outside the newly zoned areas but was to be grandfathered in as an approved site, city officials said.

Ferndale has a stack of applications from people hoping to start medical-marijuana businesses, Bruner said.

The applicants can expect to hear soon about whether they’re approved to open.

via The Detroit Free Press


2 responses to “More information on last night’s medical marijuana raid…

  1. I am so up for this fight . . . I am sick of hearing about the same old narcotics teams and drug prosecutors using the same old tactics. This is not a matter for law enforcement. Honestly, they are supposed to represent the People of the State of Michigan. The People of the State of Michigan have voted — they’ve said, “decriminalize medical marihuana”.

  2. According to a report from, “Co-owner Nick Agro told the radio station an officer suggested they were following orders from the Michigan Attorney General’s Office.” If this is true, things are about to get very interesting.

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