A 25-Page Motion and Brief Challenging a Littering Charge?

Here at NRPC, it does not matter how BIG or small your case is. We fight for every inch of ground in every case. We challenge every aspect of every case. We make the prosecution do the job that they so often attempt to avoid.

Today we filed a 25-page Motion and Brief (including attachments) in the 48th District Court challenging a littering statute that calls for a criminal sanction. You read that right: a 25-page brief for a littering charge. Under Michigan law, littering is simply a civil infraction that imposes a simple fine, and it has been such for the past 15 years. However, in West Bloomfield Township, littering is a misdemeanor that calls for up to 90 days in jail.

Needless to say, the West Bloomfield ordinance impinges on the freedom of speech, is vague, poorly worded, overly broad, and is therefore unconstitutional. Hopefully the Judge will agree.

Click here to read the brief ————–> Littering Ordinance Brief

Colin Daniels


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