California Prop 19

In case you have not been paying attention to politics in California, which I assume most of you have not, in November Proposition 19 will be on the California Ballot. Proposition 19, if it passes, will make Medical Marijuana a thing of the past in California – and will completely legalize it for everyone (in the State of California) 21 and over. According to some polls, Prop 19 is currently polling at 52% for it – to 36% against it. Those are some big time numbers. Who knows what will happen in November, but things will be very interesting if Prop 19 passes.

If it passes, the State of California intends to heavily tax it to help reduce its ever increasing debt. As an added bonus, the rest of the country will finally get a chance to find out exactly what happens when it becomes legal: no noticeable effect or mass chaos. Either way, it could have a huge impact on the paths the rest of the country takes regarding marijuana/medical marijuana. Here’s to you California – for opting to be our guinea pig.

Check out some of the poll numbers HERE

Colin A. Daniels


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